myMMX db is stable software.  However,  several computer environmental factors can affect the performance of myMMX db.  Below, we list some common solutions.

Cannot Log In:

If you have internet access, but still cannot log in to myMMX db, there may be a problem with your VRS account.  You will need to contact GlobalVRS.  This link provides the options for contacting Global VRS Customer Care.

My Braille Display does not see anything in Windows:

Sometimes, an update to your computer by Windows may break the driver between JAWS and your braille display.  This is especially true in Windows 10 where some braille displays use a generic Microsoft USB driver instead of a proprietary driver.   If this happens, you should contact your braille display manufacturer for assistance in re-connecting your driver.

My Braille Display sees Windows but does not see myMMX db:

myMMX db is a Java-based program and must have Java installed.  There are several possibilities why your braille display may not be able to see myMMX db.

  1.  After installing the program, you must run a JAWS script to establish a relationship between myMMX db and JAWS.   It is safe to re-run this script again at any time in case there is a problem after a software update.  To do so, go to C:]Program Files]nWise]mymmxdb and look for the file called JAWSScript_1.2.   Right-click it and select “Run as Administrator.”
  2. The Java Access Bridge must be enabled for braille displays to communicate with any Java-based program.  This option must be checked for each Windows user account on your computer.   To enable the bridge, go to Windows Control Panel and select Ease of Acess.  Scroll to find “Use computer without a display” and select it. Then check the box next to “Java Access Bridge” and if necessary, the box next to “Jaws.”
  3. Java comes with its own update service.  However, we have noticed that sometimes, after a Java update, the Java Access Bridge no longer works, even if enabled.   For this reason,  you should manually re-download Java and re-install it.   You will need to reboot your computer.

TIP:  Here’s a trick to find out if Java is not working with your braille display.   Open Windows Start Menu, find the Java folder, and open a Java control program.  If your braille display cannot read the control program, then you know Java needs to be re-installed.

myMMX db Settings:

Some myMMX db settings require you to restart the program in order for those settings changes to take effect.   We advise that you restart myMMX db every time you make a settings change in the Settings Menu.   To close the program, simply press Alt+F4 on your keyboard.   Then restart the software either from Start Menu, Desktop icon, or a Windows Keyboard shortcut you have created.

If evaluating settings effect, we advise you to test each setting individually to understand its behavior, rather than all at once.

Views Affect Braille reading:

There are two possibilities that impact braille readability during a conversation.  They are:

  1.  Your window is not in maximized mode.  You will usually see only a few words on your display.   Press Alt on your keyboard to bring the window menu.  Then scroll down to select “Maximize.”  This setting is usually remembered by Windows each time you restart a program.
  2. If you can only see one side of a text conversation, this usually means you are using “Split View.”   Split View is designed for low vision users and is not suitable for braille users.   Go to Settings (press F5) and go to the Text tab.   Check the box next to “Single View.”    Restart myMMX db.