Keyboard Shortcuts

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This page lists the shortcuts available on your keyboard for quick actions.   First the shortcut is listed, and then the definition follows


F1:  Brings you to the Home screen where you can immediately enter a phone number to call.

F2:  Brings you to the Contacts screen where you can select a saved phone number..

F3:  Brings you to the Call History screen where you can view all incoming and outgoing calls made.

F4:  Brings you to the Messages screen where you can view missed calls and messages left for you while you were away.

F5:  Brings you to the Settings Screen where you can customize myMMX db to your preferences.

F9 (or Shift + Ctrl + H):  Hangs up your current  call in progress.

Ctrl + S:  Save your text conversation

Ctrl + Q: Open a previously saved text conversation.  This will open a Windows folder where your conversations are saved. The default path is set in the Settings General  Tab screen.

Ctrl + P:  Print your current text conversation to your installed printer or embosser.

Ctrl + Shift + M:  This will maximize your  viewable text area when reading text during a call..

Ctrl + F:  This maximizes the entire myMMX program to the full space of your screen for maxmum viewing comfort.

Ctrl + Shift + N:  Mutes your microphone so no one can hear you or your background sounds.

Ctrl + N: This will toggle on or off all sounds from myMMX db.  Note:  If you have screen reader with audio enabled, this will not mute your screen reader.

Insert + Space: Mutes JAWS audio

Ctrl + K:  This will clear out all text in your text window.

Ctrl + Shift + T –  Moves the focus window back to the text window.

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