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This page describes each o the options in the Settings menu.  There are seven settings sections.

  • To view Settings, press F5 on your keyboard.
  • The first section will be the General section.
  • Use Tab key to move down list of options.
  • Use Shift + Tab to move to list of Settings Sections.
  • Use arrow keys to move between Settings sections
  • Many options require restarting myMMX db

General Section:

Use Large Buttons:  This makes bttons larger for easier viewing.

User Interface Font Size:   Sets the size of fonts used for the videophone.  Choose between large, medium or small.  Note:  This does not apply to conversation (RTT) text.  There is a eparate setting for that in Textarea section.

Graphics Mode:  Changes the background color of the program.  Choose either white text on blablack text on white.

Video Devices: Your computer may have more than one webcam installed.  Select from the dropdown menu which camera you prefer to use.

Audio Input Device: Your computer may have more than one microphone.  Select the one you wish to use.

Audio Output Device: Your computer may have more than one speaker set. Choose the device you prefer.

Alerting Audi Output Device:  This allows incoming ringing to be diverted to a different speaker set.  This is useful  when you wnt a loud ringer for notification and vibration.

Save Conversations to: The default folder where you can save your text conversations is the user’s Documents folder.  Use this etting to change default folder location.

Text Section:

Enable Text Delay:  This settng controls the speed of text scrolling up.  Some users prefer a slower scrolling speed.  To adust, check the checkbox and then change the value.  The default value is 50 milliseconds and can be adjusted up to 1500 milliseconds.

Enable Pause Text Flow:  This disables auto-scrolling of text and allows the user to control by pressing the Enter key.  If enabled, change the value to set the number of characters before auto-pause.

Textarea Layout There are three viewing options described below:

  • Single View – A single window contains the video on top and the text on the bottom.  Both incoming and outcoming text is in the same field.
  • Vertical View – There are two separate windows.  Incoming and Outgoing.  Incoming window contains the caller’s video on top and text on the bottom.  Outgoing cointains your video on top and our text on bottom.  This setting will ot work if ou are using braille.
  • Horizontal View – Separate windows are horiztonl.  In each window, the video is on the left and the text is on the right.   Braille will not work with this view.

Own Text:  This allows you to differentiate the text style of your own typing.  You can adjust size, font type, color and background color. 

Incoming Text: You can differentyped text from yur own typed text.  Choose sizwe, font style, color and background color.

Media Section:

Us Audio:  Ths setting enables/disables all audio settings. There are three options to adjust sound quality.  You wil need to experiment which works best for you.

Video: These settings relate to video quality.  We advise that yave at the default.  Adjusting may result in poor transmission of video and/or increase potential data charges, depending on your internet provider.

Video erformance Test:  If you hare having issues with video, Support may ask you to run this test so we can analyze the results.

Incoming Calls Section:

Enable Automatic Answer:  This enables incoming calls to be answered without user action.  We recommend leaving this unchecked.

Choose Sound File: If this optin is checked, you will be able to select from a list of audio ringtones shipped with myMMX db.  You can press the Test button to evaluate each ringtone.

Exernal Alterting System:  Check this box if you have an external alerting system, such as vibration device, that can be connected to the computer.  You will need to select the port the device is connected to.  Consult your device’s manufacturer to find the proper port.

Message Tab:

Message Box:  If you want to enable an answering mahine, you need to check this box.  After checking the box, press Tab to create your greeting message.  When done, Press F1 to escape the greeting field.

Advanced and Codecs Sections:

We strongly advise that you do not modify settings in the Advanced or Codecs tabs.  These are reserved for technical support and should not be adjusted without prior consultation with our technical support team.

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