Lesson 7: Managing Text Conversations

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In this final lesson, we overview how to view your text conversation after a call is completed,.  We include how to save, print, and open a saved conversation.

You can review and preserve a text conversation immediately after a call is completed.  These conversations  are not automatically saved after a call is completed.  You must manually decide whether to save or discard the conversation.

A conversation is saved as a .txt file.  The conversation will only record typed text during a call.  If one person was signing, and the other person was typing, only the typed portion of the conversation is saved.

By default, myMMX db will save to the user’s Windows Document folder.   You can change this location.  For example, to a subfolder you create called “Conversations.”

You should be aware that while saving these conversations is useful for personal reference, it is unlikely that a court of law would accept it as evidence in a legal proceeding.

Changing Saved Location:

  1. If you do not already have a special folder, open Windows File Explorer and create a new folder in the location you want.
  2. in myMMX db, press F5 to open the Settings menu.
  3. Press Tab several times until you see the path to the Windows folder location.
  4. Press Tab one more time and you will see “Change” button.  Press space bar to activate.
  5. In the Windows File dialog box, go to the folder you want to use and press Enter.

Managing Your Conversations:

When you are finished with your call, your text conversation will still be on your screen or braille display.  You can re-read this conversation before you do anything else.

If you do not wish to save this conversation, just press F1.   Your conversation will be immediately discarded forever.

If you want to print this conversation, press Tab once.   You will see the Print button.  Press space bar and follow the steps to print the conversation to your preferred printer or embosser.  Alternatively, you can also press Ctrl + P to open the Print dialog.

To save your conversation, press Ctrl + S.  This will open a file dialo directly to the default folder that was set in Settings.   Follow the dialog to name your file and save it.

You can choose to browse to a different location if you want to save a special conversation separate from other converations.  Also, we recommend that you name your files in a meaningful way to make it easy to identify which conversation you want to open later.

If you want to view saved conversations, press Ctrl + Q.   This will open a file dialog box pointing to the default location set in Settings.   You then choose the file you want to read.  The file will open in Windows Notepad., unless your computer has a different program that reads .txt files by default.

  • To delete a saved conversation, open Windows File Explorer and browse to the default folder.  Select the conversation you want to send to trash.

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