Lesson 6: Managing Contacts and Call History

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In this lesson, we overview how to use the Contacts/Address book and save new contacts.  We will also review how to view your Call History and Messages.

Contacts/Address Book:

To access the Contacts/Address book, press F2 on your keyboard.

The first entry you land on is “Global VRS.”   There are four entries that cannot be edited or moved.  They are:

  • Global VRS
  • Global Spanish VRS
  • Global Customer Care
  • Global 911

Below these first four entries, you will find your personal entries.   To move from one entry to another, press the Tab key or Shift + Tab to move up or down the list.

Note:  If you do not want to select a personal entry or type in a phone number, you can simply select one of the Global VRS entries and tell the interpreter your number.  This only works if you are calling a voice number.

Create a New Entry:

  1.  Press F2 to go to your Contacts/Address Book
  2. Press Shift + Tab three times to find “Add New Contact”
  3. Press Space Bar to activate this button.
  4. You will see “Name”.  Type the name of your new contact
  5. Press Tab
  6. You will see “Telephone”.  Type the phone number of your new contact.
  7. Press Tab.  You wil see “Ok”.  Press space bar to save your new contact.
  8. Or, press Tab twice until you see “Cancel” if you do not want to save your new contact.  Alternatively, you can also press the Escape key on your keyboard.

View, Edit, or Delete a contact:

  1.  Press F2 to go to your Contacts/Address Book
  2. Press Tab to move through each entry.
  3. When you have found the entry you want, press Space Bar.
  4. Press Tab or Shift + Tab to view the list of option buttons. They are “Call”, “Edit” and “Delete.”
  5. Press Space Bar to activate the option you want.

Search for a Contact:

  1.  Press F2 to go to your Contacts/Address Book
  2. Press Shift + Tab twice to reach “Search Contacts.”
  3. Type the first few letters of the contact you wish to find.
  4. Press Tab  and then Space Bar to activate the Sarch Button.
  5. Press Tab.  You will need to press several times to pass the Global VRS entries before you come to your search results.
  6. Press Space Bar on your found entry and select the option you wish to use.

Call History:

Press F3 to view your call history.  myMMX db saves the last 10 calls made to or from you.  You can make a call directly from the Call History screen.

  1.  Press F2 to see the Call History Screen.
  2. Use up or down arrow keys to move up or down the list of last 10 calls.
  3. Press Enter to immediately call the number you selected.

Missed Calls/Messages:

Press F4 to view a list of missed calls and messages left for you.  In order for this to work, you must enable Messages in myMMX db settings.

Enable Messages:

  1.  Press F5 to go to settings screen.
  2. Press Shift + Tab to go to settings sectons list.
  3. Press Up arrow to “Message Box” tab.
  4. Press Tab to see “Enable Messages” checkbox.
  5. Press space bar to enable the checkbox.
  6. Press Tab.  Begin typing your greeting message.
  7. When done typing press F1 to escape out of the Message Box settings.

View Your Messages:

  1.  Press F4 to go to the Missed Calls/Messages screen.
  2. Use up or down arrow to move through the list of missed calls.
  3. When you are on a specific entry, press Tab to read the message, if one was left for you.
  4. When done reading the message, press Shift + Tab to return to the list.

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