Lesson 5: Making Calls

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In this lesson, we will overview the different types of calls you can make and how you can make a call.

Call Types:

There are three different calling types you can make using myMMX db.  They are Relay, Video-Text and Text.  Fortunately, you do not need to do anythng to tell myMMX db which type of call you wish to make.

Relay Call:

In a relay call, if the number you are daling will go to a voice number, myMMX db automatically routes your call to a relay interpreter.  When you are connected to the relay interpreter, the interpreter will introduce themself and ask if you are ready to make a call.

Once the relay interpreter connects to the voice number, you will sign your conversation to the interpreter.  The interpreter will then voice you to the hearing caller.   When the hearing caller responds to you, the interpreter will type the response back to you and you can read it on your screen, on your braille display or hear through JAWS audio.

Video-Text Call:

myMMX db supports point-to-point calls between different videophone applications.  For example, you could connect to a Deaf friend who is using Sorenson’s nTouch videophone.   The exchange is similar to a relay call in which you sign to your Deaf friend and the Deaf friend types back to you.

For this to work, the other videophone must be able to support RTT.   Some videophones do not yet support RTT.

Additionally, the other party must have a keyboard in order to type back to you.

Text Call:

In a text call between point-to-point videophones, both parties can type to each other  This is especially beneficial when calling another DeafBlind person who also has myMMX db.

Impotant Note:  When communicating in text, use the same syntax that is used in TTY communications.

  • When you are done typing, type GA.  This means “Go ahead” and tells the other person it is their turn to type.
  • When you are ready to hang up, type “GA to SK”.  This tells the other person you are ready to end the call.
  • When you are about to hang up, type “SKSK.”  This tells the other party that your call is finished.

Always press the space bar once after you type “GA”, “GA to SK”, or “SKSK”.

If you are calling someone unfamiliar with these terms, take a moment to explain to them.  It will make your conversations much easier in the future.


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