Lesson 2: Configuring for Visual Access

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In this lesson, we overview settings to maximize your viewing experience as well as an overview of external add-on options you may wish to consider.

Vision Options in myMMX db:

It is important to understand that there are three main categories that are available for vision access configurations.  They are Program, Layout and RTT.  These settings are managed within the Settings window.  You can quickly access settings by simply pressing F5 on your keyboard.  It is important to remember that many of these settings will require restarting myMMX db.  Simply press Alt + F4 to close the program and then open the program again in your normal way.

Program View:

Program view refers to the overall appearance of the videophone program.  When you press F5 you will immediately land within the “General” settings section.  There are three important options to consider.   To move through the options, simply press Tab to go down the list, and Shift + Tab to go up the list.

  • Use Large Buttons:   Press the space bar to enable this option if you would like the program buttons to be easier to see.
  • Font size:   This applies to fonts within the program, such as address book entries, call history, etc.  You can choose between small, medium and large font size.  Choose the size you want by pressing space bar to enable the checkbox.  Note:  this does not apply to text during a phone call.  That will be covered next.
  • Background:  You have the option of displaying the program with a black background or a white background.  If you choose black, the fonts will be white.  If you choose white, the fonts will be black.  Choose the option you want and press space bar to enable the checkbox.

View During a Call:

You will need to navigate to the Text section in Settings.  To do this, Press F5, then press Shift + Tab.  Finally, press the Right Arrow key to reach the Text Section.

The first option you arrive at is Enable Text delay.  During a conversation, when you are receiving text from the other party, you may find that the text scrolls too fast for you to read.  You can slow down the scrolling speed by pressing space bar to enable this option.

You are then shown a value in milliseconds.  The default value is 50 milliseconds.  You can increase this up to 1,500 milliseconds.

The next option is Enable Text Flow Pause.  If you enable this option by pressing space bar, text will stop scrolling every 50 characters.  Text will not continue until you have completed reading and press Enter to resume text flow.  After another 50 characters, scrolling stops again.

You can change the character limit in the shown value field.

Layout:  myMMX db allows you to choose how a call is displayed on your screen.  You can have a split view in horizontal or vertical modes, or you can have a single window view.  Press the space bar to choose the layout you want.  Below is a description of each:

  • Horizontal Split View:  A separate window is displayed for each calling party horizontally.  One window above the other.  In each window, the party’s own video is shown on the left and their text is shown on the right.
  • Vertical Split View:  A separate window is displayed vertically.  One party on the right and the other on the left.  In each window, the party’s own video is shown on top and their text is shown on bottom.
  • Single View:  A single window is displayed for both calling parties.   At the top, each party’s video is shown side-by-side.  On the bottom, the combined text of both parties is shown as a single line.  This single line is known as the TTY format.


RTT is the text that is shown when typed during a conversation.  A primary benefit of RTT is its ability to customize how text looks.  You can configure text separately for each party to make it easier to differentiate your own text from their text.

In the Text section of Settings, you will see two subsections:  Own Text and Incoming Text.  The configuration options are the same in each subsections.   They are:

  • Background Color:  This defines the color of the space behind text.  Use up or down arrow key to select the color you want.
  • Font Color:  This is the color of the font in front of the background area.  Use the up or down arrow keys to choose the color you want.
  • Font Size:  Multiple sizes are available to choose a from.  Use up or down arrow key to select your size.
  • Font Type:  You can choose from several font types by using up or down arrow key to select the type.

Here is an example of a differentiating text display.   You might configure your own RTT text to use black background with white text size 56, and you might choose the other party’s RTT text to use a red background with green text and size 72.

Because there are many options and possible combinations, it will take some time to experiment and identify the best font scheme that works for you.

External Options:

While myMMX db obviously offers many customizable viewing options, you might still prefer to use additional tools to improve your viewing experience.

Large Monitor: You might be using a laptop where the screen is not as large as you might ike it to be.  You can attach a larger monitor or television to your laptop.   If you do this, it is important to remember that you must position the monitor and your laptop’s webcam in a way that both can be used effectively.

Screen Enhancing Software:  myMMX db works well in combination with screen enhancing software such as ZoomText and has been tested.   Such software has many added benefits to your access to the Windows operating system.   In addition to ZoomText, you can also try other software, such as the built-in Windows Magnifier which can be found by going to Windows Control Panel and selecting Ease of Access.

Please consult the manufacturer manuels for these products to see which one works best for you.

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