(Please Note:  At this time, we are only accepting requests from agencies.  Individual consumer requests will become available in the second half of 2018.)

Getting myMMX db Videophone:

Please read the instructions below in order to comply with federal regulations as well as ensure a smooth process in obtaining the software.


In order to use myMMX db, you must obtain a free VRS account from Global VRS at this link GlobalVRS Registration.  To qualify for this account, you must have a hearing loss and be an ASL or Spanish sign language user.

Alternatively, you can download registration forms from our Support Page.


Below are a list of some suggested agencies that can assist you with obtaining myMMX db.  If you do not see one that fits for you, please feel free to contact us.  We’ll be happy to assist you in finding an appropriate agency to support your request.

Submit a Purchase Order:

When completed, your agency should send a purchase order to us via email at info@access256.com.  The purchase order should contain the following:

  • The agency name and contact person
  • The consumer’s name and contact information
  • The consumer’s Global VRS account ID name.  Do Not include their password!

After we process and verify all information, we will send you an email informing you that you are confirmed and licensed to use myMMX db.   Visit our support pages to learn more about how to use myMMX db.


We’re here to assist you at any time.  You may contact us at the followng options: