At A Glance

myMMX is shown in different color options
myMMX allows you to configure color to improve visibility of the software. This can be done in the Settings.


Image of Home Screen
Here is the Home Screen. You can immediately make a phone call by pressing F1 on your keyboard.


myMMX db allows you to create an address book of phone numbers and favorites for easy and quick dialing. You can access the address book by pressing F2 on your keyboard.


Image of Call History Window
You can view the list of incoming and outgoing calls made though myMMX db. You can access this by pressing F3 on your keyboard.


Image of Message Screen.
You can check for missed calls and messages left by callers in your absence. You can view this by pressing F4 on your keyboard.


Image of Settings Screen
myMMX offers many powerful settings to improve your calling experience. To access the settings and make your preferred customizations, press F5 on your keyboard.