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Access256 Productions, LLC is the proud North American Distributor of myMMX db and the maintainer of this website.  A DeafBlind-owned company, Access256 Productions specializes in providing products and services geared toward DeafBlind awareness and advocacy.  We offer technology training, public speaking engagements, and workshops on a variety of DeafBlind-related topics.  Visit our parent website to learn more about us!  (link)

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nWise is the Swedish company behind myMMX db. They are world leading in technology for relay services, where they are the platform distributors to many of the national video and text relay services in Europe, and also active in Asia and North America. The mission is that “everyone should be able to communicate” with the vision to give all people access to the tools and services needed to give them accessibility on their own terms.


Global VRS is a video relay service and interpreting agency provding communication access in American and Spanish sign languages, as well as providing access to DeafBlind communication services.   Global VRS is the proud provider of DeafBlind access to telecommunications through the myMMX db videophone software.  Click here to learn more about Global VRS (link)