They say a DeafBlind person can do anything.  Now, that includes making phone calls to anyone.

Introducing myMMX db videophone

myMMX db is software that empowers a DeafBlind person or person with combined vision and hearing loss to make phone calls to any person using their preferred native mode of communication.   You can call a hearing person, a Deaf person, and even another DeafBlind person using myMMX db.  It’s no problem, the software does it all for you.  And you can communicate natively, in Sign Language, by typing, or by using voice.  Whatever works best for you.  It’s your call!

How It Works

myMMX db, powered by nWise, combines the latest technology standards to deliver a solution that gives you videophone, TTY, and Video-RTT all in one place.  Here are some typical uses:

  • DeafBlind person makes a call to a hearing person using a video relay service (VRS).  The DeafBlind person signs to the video camera.  The interpreter voices to the hearing caller.  The hearing caller voices back to the interpreter and the interpreter types the response back.  The DeafBlind person reads the response via attached braille display.
  • Similarly, a DeafBlind person with low vision can view enhanced text on the screen to read the typed response.
  • A DeafBlind person can make a Video-RTT call to another videophone and connect directly to her Deaf friends, without needing an interpreter.   She signs to the screen, and the Deaf friend can type back their response which appears in braille and enhanced text.
  • A DeafBlind person can make a TTY call to another DeafBlind person.   Both would read and type back to each other in either enhanced text or braille.
  • A hard-of-hearing DeafBlind person who either does not know braile or cannot read text, may opt to use audio output from a familar, customizable voice provided by a screen reader.  This is useful when the individual has difficulty comprehending unfamiliar voices due to accents, pitch, volume, and ambient noises.
  • myMMX db is also capable of providing Captioned Telephone services as well as IP-based Text Relay services.
  • The possibilities are limitless!

… And Simple to Use!

myMMX db is designed from the ground up with the DeafBlind caller in mind.  But power doesn’t mean complicated.  This software is intuitive and easy to use.   Install this software and you’ll be able to to make calls within minutes.  The natural way!

Learn More

Feel free to browse this website to learn more about the features of myMMX db and how you can get your very own copy.   Or just drop us a line at  We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.